Intemion Health Card 1
  • Intemion Health Card

    personal health record at hand

    insurance data
    general health information
    health care contacts
    medication (incl. instructions for use)
    medical history


    information anywhere and anytime

  • With the Intemion Health Card you always have your medical details at hand. The card holds personal information on who you are, where you from, whom to contact in case of an emergency, other contacts important to your health, allergy information, medication you use and your medical background.

    Watch and use its content on your mobile phone or tablet. Direct call, text and e-mail available contacts, consult supporting information on intra – or internet, look up and share your personal health record easily with others.


    Intemion cards (e.g. software) are modularly build. All functions are interchangeable. That allows for easy combining, adding or omission of card elements. That way products can be customized to personal needs with limited effort. The same of course goes for the exterior make up of cards.

Intemion Personal Care 2
  • Intemion Personal Care

    health information and communication right where you need it

    general health information
    automated notifications
    personalized task lists
    time registration
    progress reporting
    care instructions and support
    supplies management


    aided in any situation

  • De The Intemion Personal Care card enables on the spot personalized and context relevant information and activity management.
    Using your smartphone or tablet it takes but a swipe to see who you are caring for and how to do that. You register observations and activities. Watch instruction videos or consult other supportive files. You call, text and e-mail included contacts. Keep (automatic) time, make notes, share your information with other caregivers and administer what you have done in a trice.

    The Intemion Personal Health card links to all information necessary to easily support people in need of care. It is simply placed in the direct vicinity of client or patient. Thus making any information and communication you need directly available. With no more than a PVC card and a smartphone.


    Personal data and information is safe with your Intemion card. Intemion cards and software allow for different ways of protection. All to be fit on need and the situation at hand. We can for example provide access protection to all information or parts thereof by using a pin code. Or restriction of information access and communication to certain dedicated devices. What you need we provide.

Intemion Follow Up 3
  • Intemion Follow Up

    keeping tabs together

    patiënt information
    direct contact
    clarification and explanation


    after care simply supported

  • With the Intemion Follow Up card you have an individual care and telemonitoring solution at your disposal. With your smartphone, tablet or PC you directly open an overview where you can pinpoint and keep checks to perform. Specific help and support references help you to understand what it is all about and to do that yourself of which you are able. If necessary you can reach health professionals with a single push of the button. Integrated and automated reporting towards the health professionals in charge make sure they know exactly what is going on and when.

    Shorten the stays in hospitals and institutions. Empower patients to recover in the comfort of their own home. Make physical distance a non-issue in providing cure and care. Just keep direct tabs on recovery and wellbeing and enable yourself and others to give and receive care more accurately, personalized and directed with Intemion Follow Up.

Intemion Direct Contact 4
  • Intemion Direct Contact

    help on its way in one move



    text, mail and call direct

  • Intemion Direct kaarten ondersteunen in het direct tonen of doorzetten van belangrijke informatie. Die informatie is te koppelen aan specifieke situaties, locaties of objecten. Daarbij kun je denken aan kaarten die geplaatst in een huiselijke omgeving mensen in staat stellen direct iemand te laten weten dat alles goed is of dat ze juist hulp nodig hebben. Denk ook aan uitleg over apparaten, het direct bestellen van medicijnen of aan persoonsidentificatie in ziekenhuis of verpleeghuis.

    Intemion Direct kaarten bevatten voorgedefinieerde informatie of acties, die aangeraakt door een smartphone, zonder verdere persoonlijke tussenkomst, worden doorgezet.


    Voor deze functionaliteit zijn ook andere informatiedragers beschikbaar. Intemion Direct kan ook in de vorm van een sticker, sleutelhanger, polsband of fiche worden geleverd.

Intemion Surgical Checklist 5
    • May 2013

    Intemion Surgical Checklist

    the right way to work

    object, people and location specific
    subject elaboration
    enforced workflow
    direct processing
    performance recording


    quality assured gewaarborgd

  • Reliability and quality on the shop floor

    The Intemion Surgical Checklist demonstrates the power of checklist automation on physical objects, people and locations. The added value of using checklists in Healthcare have been long proven. Extending that notion with a practical software solution that enables you to keep track, control and build statistics on just about anything from just about anywhere, will increase the value and reliability of that instrument.

    The solution you can have will enable you to build checklists on line, categorize them, determine how they are to be weighed and issue the corresponding tags. Start data collection by getting participants tapping your deployed tags and see the results online immediately. No easier way to experience the power of building real time statistics and management information.

Intemion Portal 6
  • Intemion Portal

    control central

    card issuing and maintenance
    information lookup
    web browser based
    input dialog support
    general and field specific help
    prefilled select-options
    back-end gateway


    generic access

  • An Intemion Portal forms the centralized gateway of each and every of the listed products. The web portal allows for building, viewing, deploying and maintaining of Intemion card contents. Content is offered in a modular fashion.

    Portals are individually tailored along our general available portal framework depending on demanded functionality and (back-end) communication.

    All our solutions are fully integrated. That means what you see in your portal, you see in your app and vice versa. Data storage can be on card, smartphone, (your own) database server or a combination thereof.


    With Intemion you choose one of our standard products, a variety thereof or a complete self design. Content and appearance can be made to fit demand. Our cards can be used with a smartphone, tablet, PC and/or stand alone GPRS module.