The smart card

anytime and anywhere

Amount to more in caring for yourself and others by providing personalized health information and - communication wherever you need it with an Intemion card.

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A card that assures you of simple access to information, activities and contacts important to your or anybody else’s good health any time and any where.

Intemion cards are interactive. A special chip and software make the card communicate with a smartphone, tablet or other device by simply holding them together.

That way you directly and personally manage access to:

medical details
important contacts
emergency numbers
automatic notifications

task- and checklists
materials management
clarifications and instructions
time registrations
other apps en webpage’s

Intemion pictured

Find out how Intemion cards and software help you do more in cure and (home) care. Be surprised of its versatility and user friendliness and easily improve well being and general health of yourself and others.

Keep your care at hand with Intemion


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